R3 Transform Anti-Aging Serum
R3 Transform Anti-Aging Serum
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Peptide technology targets fine lines and wrinkles, resulting in firmer, lifted skin. (1 oz.)

How to use

Use 1 pump after cleansing. Apply to entire face and neck.

Key Ingredients

Argireline: (Acetyl Hexapeptide 3) Botox simulator and extender. Inhibits muscle contractions by blocking neurotransmitters. Corrects wrinkles by relaxing muscles, prevents wrinkles by blocking signals that cause movement.

Matrixyl 3000: Two peptides (palmitoyl oligopeptide & palmitoyl-tetrapeptide) aim at stimulating the synthesis and replenishment of the skin matrix .

Retinol: The name for the entire vitamin A molecule. Normalizes epidermal growth, regulates collagen synthesis.

Skin Type

Oily, Combination, Normal, Mature


Prepare, Regenerate, Eye-Tox3, Youth Cell, Defy, Moisture Enhance, Advance D3

Weight: 3.4 oz

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