Eyetox Firming Eye Serum
Eyetox Firming Eye Serum
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Advanced delivery eye serum containing powerful antioxidants and peptides that will significantly reduce the appearance of fine lines and dark circles. (0.5 oz.)

How to use

Use 1 pump over the entire eye area.

Key Ingredients

Matrixyl 3000: Peptide stimulates collagen and elastin to re-build skin structure, which decreases the appearance and depth of fine lines and wrinkles.

Dipeptide VW: Incorporates new science that works as a skin conditioning agent. Softens skin and it dramatically improves lymphatic circulation to combat dark and puffy under-eye circles. It does this by moving stagnant blood away from the eye area, improving overall brightness.

Lipopeptide: Improves firmness, elasticity, and decreases inflammation.

Ceramide 2: Is an essential skin molecule that improves hydration and supports tissue repair. Ceramides also participate in a variety of cellular signaling, including regulating programmed cell death (PCD) of cells. Essentially ceramides helps cells live longer and slows down the aging process.

Blue Passion Flower Extract: Eliminates iron deposits from blood underneath the skin to reduce dark circles. This anti-inflammatory also decreases swelling and puffiness.

Skin Type

Oily, Combination, Normal, Mature, Dry


Prepare, Regenerate, Youth Cell, Defy, Moisture Enhance, Advance D3, Quench, Complete, Hydrate, R3 Transform

Weight: 2.4 oz

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